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Malvasia Τhe renowned wine yesterday and today

Malvasia Τhe renowned wine yesterday and today

The evergreen great lady of Greek wine Stavroula Kourakou with great generosity offers us her knowledge through her books. Its latest is dedicated to the famous Malvasia wine. As Mrs. Kourakou writes in the introduction of her new book: "... I thought of writing a book, in order to help the Greek producers to promote in the markets the unknown history of this famous wine and its revival in the Greek hometowns. The main part of this book is devoted exclusively to the subjects of vine and wine from the 12th to the 17th century, as recorded in the sources I studied. It is essentially based on the introduction and the text published in the second part of the proceedings of the Symposium Monemvasios Oinos - Monemvas(i)a - Malvasia, restructured and supplemented with many new elements and accompanied by two Annexes. " Finika Publications GR


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